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Some pretty good art I like.


Happy Birthday to you,Elly! by Tonythunder
Happy Birthday to you,Elly!
Here's a l'il something for :iconazurelly: for her B-day! :iconcakelickplz:
Here we have Elly's sona,a gecko receiving a present from Starlet and a cake from me while I'm poppin' a party popper,Venice is also there just for the fun :3  Also notice how I drew 'em a little less Sonic-y and more leaning towards a more anthro-ish look for 'em,hope you don't mind that even though you won't I'm sure you'll love it anyways Elly,so enjoy your gift and hope that you're having a great b-day!! :party: :heart: :hug:

Elly the Gecko,Starlet the Hedgehog,Venice the Mink (C) Azurelly
Tony and artwork (C) N.A. Walsh/Tonythunder
My Other Boys,Anthro'd Up by Tonythunder
My Other Boys,Anthro'd Up
I wanted to draw something and thought to myself "Hey,I haven't drawn something anthro-wise for a bit" so I decided to give some of my other former Sonic characters some new looks,and what you see is what you get:You got Angelo (arctic wolf) Dominic (tiger) Atsushi (shiba inu) Sam (European otter) and Kevin (bat) and yes,I deliberately drew Kevin with his name painted on the top (don't ask why it looks kinda pinkish I just improvised with the color of his name) I'm really pleased with the new changes I made for my characters,specifically Dom,Sam and Atsushi,they definitely look different compared to their former Sonic selves,don't you think? ;) Anyways,I hope you like it,peace out and have a Happy Thanksgiving :iconturkeyplz:

All characters and art (C) N.A. Walsh aka Tonythunder
:iconturkeyplz: To all my American friends,watchers and fellow artists I wanna wish you all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving! :iconturkeyplz:
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  • Listening to: The TV
  • Watching: The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
IdunnowhatthefugtocallthisXD by Tonythunder
Third time's the charm amirite? :iconhurrhurrplz:
Going back to my :icondaisy-dictator:-inspired kick I've had for quite a while,I decided to draw another one of them pics,with my Pokesona holding cute l'il Espurrleon (Napoleon as an Espurr) though he doesn't like being picked up and talked like a little baby,like what I'm doing to him XD Then after that I decided to stop by justkiddinisnuckinto one of Donald Trump (as a Persian)'s pointless campaigns and de-hair him in front of everyone runnin' around with his hair like a jackass :lol: welp there you go,the last of my drawing spree,hope you've enjoyed seeing all my pics,Peace :peace:

Tony and artwork (C) N.A. Walsh aka Tonythunder
Daisy's style (C) Daisy-Dictator
Pokemon (C) Nintendo/Game Freak/Creatures and Satoshi Tajiri
Napoleon and Donald Trump (C) Themselves XP
My Pokesona,present day and in ten years by Tonythunder
My Pokesona,present day and in ten years
Welp,you read the title and this is what ya get :iconbigmeowplz:
Nothing special just Tony,my Pokesona and....hey,who's dat handsome mofo on the right? Well....that's ten years :XD: You probably know that Zorua evolves into a Zoroark at level 30,well I'd imagine when anthropomorphic Pokemon evolve,they evolve by age,not level,and by the time Tony turns 30,he becomes a Zoroark and what you see is something I'd love to see myself,lookin' snazzy,classy and stylish at the same time :iconlikeabossplz: ,so there you go,enjoy everyone :3


N. A. Walsh
United States
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Flag: USA by TheStampKingFlag: New York by TheStampKingIreland Stamp by l8Germany Stamp by l8Republic of Lithuania by Flag-StampsSTAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz

I'm an eccentric,kind and loving artist that'd do most anything to help anybody in need,whether it be my friends or artists I know on here and loyally follow. But back to basics,I've just become an ex-Sonic fan/artist over the past month or two now and have rekindled my interest in Pokemon so you could say I'm now a fully reformed Pokemon fan and artist,also since I've got out of Sonic and made the transition from Sonic to anthro,I've now changed my former Sonic FC's into my own characters and Iplan on drawing them more often,maybe even write a couple of scenarios for each character in the premise. So long satory,short,welcome to my page,feel free to browse at anything you like,take a peek at my art and if you like what you see and want to watch and follow me,great! N.A, Walsh/Tonythunder,out

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Current Residence: Somewhere in PA
Favorite genre of music: Rock,synthpop,60's/70's/80's,alt music,new wave,post-punk,funk,soul,some modern,VGM and classical and so on
Favorite photographer: I don't have one
Favorite style of art: Any kind of art is fine with me
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPod maybe?
Shell of choice: A spiky blue shell with wings
Wallpaper of choice: IDK
Skin of choice: My own
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson,Mordecai and Rigby,etc.
Personal Quote:It's better to be yourself than try to imitate someone you're not just because it's"hip" and "trendy"
:iconturkeyplz: To all my American friends,watchers and fellow artists I wanna wish you all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving! :iconturkeyplz:
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